中文片名 少女殺手的奇幻旅程
評分 ★★★★

The soundtrack makes the film! Cinematography is also amazing. Who cares what the story is really all about or if it makes any sense. This movie rocks!

導演Joe Wright非常懂得將配樂在電影中的作用力發揮到最大,從Pride & Prejudice、Atonement,到本身就以音樂為故事發展的The Soloist ,與編曲家Dario Marianelli (其最新的作品是近期上映的Jane Eyre) 合作無間的將音樂完美的融入情節畫面,兩者相輔相成。配樂在本片中的表現更是到了另一個令人讚歎的層次,The Chemical Brothers的電子樂在這部動作片中搶盡風頭,簡直讓人熱血沸騰。

在荒野森林中長大、與世隔絕的少女Hanna (Saoirse Ronan 飾),父親 (Eric Bana 飾)不但從小致力教她多種語言,更讓她練就無所不敵的好身手,最終目的是為了保護自己,也就是得殺除當年欲將他們一家三口趕盡殺絕、讓母親因此喪命的主首 ( Cate Blanchett 飾)。離開森林後,Hanna在她隻身橫跨歐洲的旅程中,除了她殺人不眨眼的爽快畫面外,這小妮子與只曾聽聞未曾眼見的現代社會產物之間的反差也是本片的趣味之一。

這部長達近兩小時的片,節奏掌握的恰到好處,戲味很重的配樂搭上Joe Wright擅長的一鏡到底,大呼過癮。


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  1. business review Says:

    Her characters have had a rough time since then as a young murder victim in The Lovely Bones and then struggling across the high arctic as a Polish orphan in The Way Back..Things don t let up in the latest from director Joe Wright who made Atonement and the similarly slow-moving Pride Prejudice. All leading to the question Is it better to travel hopelessly than to arrive?.Wright makes finding out more fun and beautiful than it has any right to be on such a sparse script.

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