December 2010

Merry Christmas AND Happy Anniversary!

I started this blog a year ago, can’t believe time went that fast! I thought I could accomplish a lot more but unfortunately got caught up from work, personal issues and of course my laziness. I’ve got 24 more movies reviews to go to set the 200 record, I wonder if I can make it by the end of this year. But that means I will need to write two reviews per day, that doesn’t sound possible. NAH, I’ll just follow the flow, since it’s how life should be, RIGHT?

Thank you, you and you for visiting my blog. I probably don’t know most of you but thanks. Cheers to another year of gig看電影 🙂


3 Responses to “December 2010”

  1. josephine Says:

    hey, i just orgaized my stuff and see your new post from my mail. i got to go to HK for celebrate Christmas and count down and come back for Chinese New Year.
    Then, i might go to Japan to work. Ha…..
    Just escape Taiwan.

    I am proud of you that you see lots of moives and post your feedback and sharing. Thank you.

    Happy Christmas and Happy 2011.

  2. josephine Says:

    Hey, Happy Chinese New Year.

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