The Social Network

中文片名 社群網站
評分 ★★★★

其實應該不是太多人在乎Facebook是怎麼發跡開始的,但這部片卻把不過如此而已的故事發展的緊湊又有趣,事件牽涉進來的人物戲份多或少也都頗有角色的發揮度,尤其Jesse Eisenberg讓Mark Zuckerberg變得讓人又愛又恨,現實生活中應該也是如此,頭號非Google莫屬吧。

I honestly didn’t expect this movie would be this good. I’ve done some research about Facebook and how it started years ago when I was in school but I had no idea there were so many dramas behind it. The director did a great job developing these engaging characters (yes, I’m talking about Sean Parker/Justin Timberlake especially) into the stories.

Even though personally I don’t find Jesse Eisenberg attractive, he is indeed the sexiest geek alive. He’s given voices to the main character, Mark Zuckerberg, and made it quite convincing. I bet some people find it offensive when Mark Zuckerberg in the beginning of the film tells his gf she doesn’t have to study because she goes to BU. I myself, however, think it’s a hilarious take on the character. And I’m actually glad BU’s name is mentioned, just like whenever I heard Taiwan is brought up in the movies or TV shows* I got all excited, haha.

*CONAN, Season 1 Episode 2 and 3. (Gee see how awesome is that?? In the first week of CONAN and Taiwan was mentioned TWICE?! I love you, Conan!)


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