Going The Distance

中文片名 真愛零距離
評分 ★★

衝著這部片是關於遠距離戀情,富有經驗的(在下)當然不會錯過,尤其Drew Barrymore和Justin Long兩人台上台下的火花一向熱烈,應該頗有可看性。不過,實際上觀賞後的感想是,除了兩人在大螢幕上打得火熱讓人心癢之外,於遠距離這議題上的著墨實在太淺。

EVERYONE knows long-distance relationship is hard, but WHY is it hard? Other than missing one another terribly and phone sex doesn’t seem to be a perfect solution, why do people break up just because they are apart from each other? Is it true that “seeing each other every three months is not a relationship”? Relationship does require physical contact but if you are madly in love with this person and truly believe what you guys have is something special, how could you just let go?

It is a shame that this film doesn’t touch the issue deep enough or give a fresh perspective of how couples can make it work. Drew and Justin just broke up like every other couples because they couldn’t beat up the distance (and time differences I assume.) The film doesn’t talk (much) about the trust issues, insecurity or attractions toward other people, which I’m QUITE sure are the reasons tearing LD couples apart. But then, for a happy ending, Drew and Justin reunite after 6 months because one of them moves closer to another. So I guess the concept of this film is that long-distance relationship will not work out whatsoever. This Chinese title, 真愛無距離 (True Love Has No Distance) is just a total bs.

Side note: Some of you might know that I refused to watch this film when it came out due to personal reasons. In case anyone of you wonder if I passed the emotional test, the answer is no, I failed. But that’s because this movie sucked. ha, j/k.


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