The Good Guy

中文片名 好男孩(暫譯)
評分 ★★★

I was literally speechless right after seeing this movie. But it’s because it provoked way too many thoughts and I couldn’t straighten them out at once. I have to say I loved this movie. Not just because I adore Alexis Bledel and Bryan Greenberg (Yea I wish he was my bf), the film also touched so many dating issues people in their 20s would encounter and I could find myself relate to them all. Even though the story itself was mostly predicable, especially the narrator told us what was about to happen in the very beginning, still, we followed what the leading character, Alexis Bledel, has been through as the story went and seriously felt sorry for the guy as well. Yea, there are a lot of selfish jerks out there but we still fall for them because we thought they were the good guys. Sometimes people just aren’t who we thought they were. It sucks, I know.

華爾街的爾虞我詐,感情上也這樣玩遊戲,男主角Tommy仗著自己的舌燦蓮花周旋在女友Beth和一堆女人中間,還試圖對憨直的下屬Daniel來個makeover,故事如何收尾不難預料,但電影中引導出的議題卻深刻的讓人久思。雖然這部片是部有點沈重的愛情片,幽默的對話倒不少,Tommy取笑Daniel身著的寶藍色polo衫(像是對著人家說Welcome to Blockbuster) 那段笑到我肚子痛。Daniel憨直的模樣和反應也討喜的不得了,也許也是因為Bryan Greenberg純粹是我的菜吧 (笑)。


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