The Spy Next Door

中文片名 鄰家特務
評分 ★

I know I shouldn’t waste my time watching this (kind of) movie but sometimes we do need the movies that are simply for entertaining and don’t come with heavy emotions. I thought this one would do it for me, but no, not really. It wasn’t that entertaining and for people as emotional as I am, might still drop a few tears, OH WELL.

The Spy Next Door is obviously just another version of The Pacifier, only with dorky but nimble Jackie Chan in it. I used to like Jackie Chan’s movies a lot when I was a kid (who didn’t?) but somehow those Hollywood movies make him look dumber and dumber, the stories themselves are lamer and lamer. I feel like I would only enjoy this film if I was 10 or younger.

I hope writing this review won’t lower my level of any sort. It’s just for the record, let’s put it that way;)


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