中文片名 全面啓動
評分 ★★★★½

I haven’t met anyone so obsessed and interested about the idea of dreaming as I am, which explains why I love the concept of this movie so much. Since I was a kid, I’ve always had vivid dreams and I literally trained myself to remember them after I woke up. I could talk about my dreams with all the possible details like it was something actually happened, which they did, just not in reality though. I’m not sure why I find dreaming is so fascinating, I guess at some point it reflects who I really am, what a weirdo I am. I always bring emotions and thoughts into my dreams, subconsciously, of course. A lot of the time, I bring those from my dreams to real life too. Complicated, huh? Well, not really, I’m pretty sure most of the people do that too. It’s just the matter of the fact that we choose to be aware of them or not. Well, enough about me. Let’s talk about this awesome film, which definitely worth watching.

Christopher Nolan繼The Dark Knight後的鉅片,非常用腦,跟他2000年的作品Momento有得拼,不虧是說故事高手。節奏緊湊又耐人尋味的劇情,絕對讓大家觀片之時和之後,無止盡的討論。

本片由Leonardo DiCaprio擔綱男主角,近幾年的他已被定型,每個角色都帶著灰暗和傷痛的過去,這部片也不例外。飾演妻子的Marion Cotillard因電影La vie en rose 玫瑰人生,講述法國女歌手Édith Piaf的傳奇故事,兩年前榮獲奧斯卡女主角。而片中正是用Édith Piaf的名曲 “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien“當成喚醒劇情人物的音樂,這首歌之於本片的地位大概就像“被遺忘的時光”之於無間道吧,歌曲本身的旋律就相當深入人心,尤其連結了主角放開過去的懊悔而從夢中醒來的意涵,真是太具巧思。



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    • gigi Says:


      我想看妳blog提到的那部電影: Angel-a,好像很有趣!

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