中文片名 戰略特勤組
評分 ★★½

I’ve never been a fan of Samuel L. Jackson and I honestly don’t think I enjoy watching him nor this movie. The plot is quite simple; an interrogator tortures a suspect terrorist to find out the locations of the bombs so millions of lives could be saved in time. A lot of tension and strong violence are in the movie and it touches the moral grounds which I’m sure is the main concept of the film, but unfortunately I just didn’t buy it. They way they try to convey the dilemma is too weak, story-wise, I mean. And I don’t think most audience could get what the story is all about; the torture outweighs everything else. I wouldn’t recommend this movie, especially to the people who don’t enjoy bloody scenes too much.

看來這是部台灣不會上映的電影。整片從頭到尾就是一連串的逼供恐怖份子說出放置炸彈的地點,虐刑沒有極限,為了拯救成千上萬的國民,人的道德觀同時也被挑戰。本來以為Samuel L. Jackson和飾演FBI探員的Carrie-Anne Moss會聯手一起突恐怖份子的心房,來個英雄式的勝利,但這部片的重點其實全然不在此,在殘忍噁心的虐刑下,探討的是人性和道德的兩難。然而,我個人覺得以這劇情發展來說實在是沒啥說服力,一連串的虐刑只讓人感到不舒服罷了。



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