Did You Hear About the Morgans?

中文片名 名牌冤家
評分 ★★★

I’m sure a lot of people might think this movie is just one of those stupid comedies with a twisted story setup and I was actually one of them, too. But surprisingly it is kind of good. This movie is not just about a separated couple who has to spend 24/7 together for who knows how long because of an unrealistic incident, but it’s actually talking about how they go through their marriage crisis.

We all have heard people saying that men are jerks, they are all the same blah blah blah and we sort of all believe that it is true, just look at Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Jackie Chan or whoever has made “the mistake” and sadly the wives have to stand up for their men and life/marriage just goes on. Has anyone ever thought about how those women feel about the infidelity or how do they even forgive and forget? or do they? This movie made me think about those things and I guess that’s why I like it.

I also found it interesting that this movie uses the kind of universal current event as its concept and dramatize it by a surreal adventure so the movie won’t seem so dry. Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant are quite compatible in this movie. You can see the sparks between them and also be able to relate to the characters. There are a lot of witty dialogue in this movie that cracked me up so hard. I have to admit I quite enjoyed watching it even though it seems hard to believe. I feel bad it’s got such a low rating on IMDb, but trust me, it’s not THAT bad.

個人覺得這部片的(原文)片名非常無厘頭,十分配合劇情的發展 : 一對分居中的夫妻同時目睹了一場謀殺案,警方為了保護證人強制兩人離開現居的紐約到美國中部Wyoming州去,以致殺手積極著尋找突然消失的兩位下落。如前文所說,這部片雖然故事這麼超乎現實,主要概念其實是在談婚姻和背叛。無法真切感受Sarah Jessica Parker和Hugh Grant兩人的心情可能就覺得電影很無聊吧。我自己是非常享受片中人物們對話的幽默,尤其他們兩人重溫誓約的那段真讓人感動。推。


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