This Is It

中文片名 麥可傑克森未來的未來演唱會電影
評分 ★★★★

I was never a huge fan of Michael Jaskson like most people, but I did listen to his songs growing up and I admired his talents and everything. This movie gave us a peek of those remarkable concerts MJ could have performed. I felt so sad seeing the effort MJ and his crew had put on for the shows but none of us got to watch them but on big screen instead. I didn’t know MJ that well so I really appreciate whoever put the footage all together and give us the chance to know MJ a bit better.

其實這根本不是部需要評論的電影,但若沒把它寫下來深覺可惜。將近兩小時的電影,是Michael Jaskson籌備巡迴演唱會時的彩排片段和幕後記錄,原本作為他個人圖書館收藏用,因為他的驟世而將片段集結,為這無法如期舉行的演唱會改由大螢幕呈現。因為是彩排時的記錄,畫面的呈現當然有粗略的地方,但是這完全不減觀眾對於所有幕前幕後工作人員為了這巡演所付出的努力的佩服,當然更不用說一想到那麼盡心盡力的籌備卻沒有正式演出的一天,遺憾難以言語。


順帶一提,女吉他手Orianthi Panagaris真的好酷喔。


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