It’s Complicated

中文片名 愛 找麻煩
評分 ★★★★½

Giving this movie 4 and half stars may seem a bit overrated but I truly enjoyed every moment of it. It is indeed one of the best romance comedies I’ve ever seen.

The movie is about a divorced couple having an affair. Jane and Jack have divorced for 10 years but still manage a healthy relationship. Their three kids are all grown-ups and the youngest is graduating from college. When coming to attend their son’s graduation in the city, they happen to enjoy themselves too much and sleep together. Things between them just get more and more confusing. Now Jack wants to leave his bitchy young wife to get back with Jane but Jane doesn’t see the same way. It’s complicated, relationships always are, especially theirs with kids and everything involved.

The cast is amazing. Meryl Streep is spectacular as always. Alec Baldwin is perfect for this role, no doubt. John Krasinski, as Meryl Streep’s future son-in-law, is such a scene stealer, so damn cute and hilarious in it. The film’s writer/director, Nancy Meyers, also wrote/directed two of my favorite movies of all time, Father of the Bride and The Parent Trap. I’m so glad I didn’t like this movie any less. Highly recommended!


好久沒看過這麼讓人開懷大笑的愛情喜劇,繼The Holiday戀愛沒有假期和Something Gotta Give愛你在心眼難開之後,編導Nancy Meyers的最新作品果然沒讓我失望。給四顆半星也許有點超過了,不過以愛情喜劇的類別來說,這部片絕對可以滿足八成以上的成人觀眾。

Meryl Streep和Alec Baldwin這對離婚了十年的夫妻,各有各成功的事業和生活,Alec Baldwin更又娶了一個年輕的老婆努力在做人。誰也沒想到,來到紐約參加小兒子的大學畢業典禮之時,兩人會再度的擦起火花。結髮十七年的夫妻在離婚十年後偷情?這複雜的情愫和牽扯的家庭關係讓兩人都折騰的很。

這部片其實沒意味深長的在探討什麼,從頭到尾都讓人很輕鬆很享受的哈哈大笑,人物對話很逗趣,尤其飾演Meryl Streep大女兒的未婚夫John Krasinski更是討喜的不得了。戲中的場景也製作的非常夢幻,Meryl Streep經營的糕點店和她的住家都是人人夢寐以求的完美,只不過這點恐怕只是投女性所好吧(笑)。

片中其實有不少性暗示和吸大麻的橋段因此被列為R rated輔導級,不知道台灣四月上映的時候會不會剪片以利更多觀眾層觀賞,不過我的確覺得這部片還是要有相當的年紀才會覺得好看吧。


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