An Education

中文片名 名媛教育
評分 ★★★½

I couldn’t help but see myself in this movie. I was there, precisely. Maybe a lot of people were, not just me, suffocated by the school work and wasn’t able to enjoy life, or maybe didn’t even know what life was. When there was a window for us to reach the outside world, we just wanted to crawl/fly out there and didn’t want to get back. Then we started to wonder if what in front of us was what we wanted, why not to grab it? Unfortunately sometimes things are not what they seemed to be, some people are not who they said they were. We were too young and innocent. We couldn’t figure that out until later, just like Jenny in An Education.

Carey Mulligan is very lovely in this movie, very nice performance indeed. She actually reminded me of Audry Hepburn in a way. I also found it very interesting that Nick Hornby, author of High Fidelity and Fever Pitch, wrote the screenplay.


An Education的預告片在我去年看The September Issue時電影院有放映,但因為我實在對男主角Peter Sarsgaard沒好感,一直到女主角Carey Mulligan被提名金球獎戲劇類最佳女主角我才有了興趣。Carey Mulligan在先前提過的Brothers也有軋上一角,只不過是不容易被注意到的小配角,這回她在An Educatoin挑大樑,還真讓人印象深刻。拍片時22歲的她演起17歲高中生一點也不勉強,演技自然又非常有魅力,我相當看好的一位新星。

這部片還好先前只是暫譯為教訓,不然我真會翻桌,雖然說名媛教育還是有些不對味,不過至少聽起來吸引人些。An Education是關於一個準備要進第一學府牛津大學的十七歲高中女孩的故事。聰明有想法的她一直對她傳統學校教育不甚認同,即便她課業及課外表現都十分優秀。偶然下她遇上一個年紀幾乎大上她兩倍的中年男子,充滿著外面花花世界吸引力且成熟魅力的他,帶著她出入高級餐廳,爵士酒吧,名畫拍賣會,體驗過上流社會的生活後,她更不見繼續求學這件事的必要性,尤其這個男人可以帶給她無慮的物質享受,反正女人最終不是走向婚姻?




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